Q. where do I take my kids?

A. At Grace we have many young families with small children. If you have infants to 3-year-olds, you’re welcome to put them in our recently updated nursery. At the 11 AM worship service, families start together for the song time and then the children are dismissed to Junior Church in our fellowship hall. Of course visiting a new church can be intimidating to kids so you can accompany them to Junior Church or they are welcome to sit with you in the service.


Q. what do I wear?

A. Here at Grace, we want everyone to be comfortable and come just as you are. You’ll find people in their “Sunday best” and others will be “Florida Casual.”


Q. what if I’ve never been to church?

A. Don’t worry! We’re just a normal family of friendly, loving South Floridians. We’re not going to do anything weird or point out new guests publicly. You don’t have to know any special lingo or participate in activities you don’t understand. Feel free to just come as you are and see what we’re all about.

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